Our material

All our products are made with 100% eco-friendly cotton canvas with integrated production agricultural certification. This is based on a type of production that wants to be respectful with the environment and at the same time ensure the profitability of the crops.

The inks we use to stamp our fabrics, have ecological certification and are made based on water, so they are safe for all uses.

Zippers used in handbags are of the highest quality.

The cords and handles we use in our backpacks and bags are 100% cotton.

All our suppliers are local and state, because for us it is important to know where our raw materials come from and work with companies in the area.

The prints we make are of our original designs drawn by us and then hand-printed. So each print is exclusive to our brand.

You can find all the information of the production process, of us and our brand in the “who we are” section.

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2017 © Kokorome. All rights reserved.

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