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100% ecological.

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by nature.

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About us

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Mireia, creadora de la marca Kokorome


Mar, creadora de la marca Kokorome


Together we have created Kokorome.

A textile brand connected to Life, to Nature.

We believe that Nature is the best we have. He gives us everything. And we are inspired by it to create our designs.
Estampado woods sobre mano

We respect and take care of it by choosing the raw materials with which we work in our workshop. Ecological fabrics and biodegradable inks. Materials from the Country and always looking to get closer to what we share and that unites us all.

Ovejas en el campo
Trabajando patrones kokorome

We try to be aware of every moment we live, without haste and enjoying the little things that really have value and meaning for us. With this way of seeing and feeling, we have created a product that is sustainable, ecological and respectful of the environment.

Estampado woods sobre modelo

During the work process, we take care of every detail with care so that the final result contains everything we want to transmit, a little of our essence.

Welcome to our workshop.

We draw and design each of our prints. We screen all the fabrics by hand. We design the patterns of the products, cut and sew each piece in our workshop. Each product is unique.

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Vaciando bote de pintura sobre plancha de estampado kokorome
Mar i Mireia confeccionando patrones kokorome


Are you looking but can not find? We are here to help you. Write to us through the following contact form or directly to hola@kokorome.es and we will respond as soon as possible.

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